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Our Services

Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Why are Cavity Insulation Extractions needed?

The main reason is due to damp issues. Damp and mould appear on the walls when the cavity insulation gets wet inside, breaking down the properties of insulation. This is due to porous brickwork, flooding, or burst pipes.

Poorly insulated properties is another reason. A poor drilling pattern or installation at the wrong density can be a major factor of damp.

Whatever the reason, the inefficiency means that heat is lost through the walls and causes you to use more heating/electricity as well as the health issues associated with damp.

An easy extraction process will help regain your property to its original state.

Using specialist tools and machinery, Vac-Xtract can extract defective cavity wall insulation, causing little disturbance to the fabric of the building or to the occupant of the home.

We can make an extraction of, Fibre Wool, Foam and Bead Insulation products from the cavity walls of properties that need either upgrading of insulation or that are exposed to the effects of dampness or water penetration.

The cavity wall extraction process entails removing several bricks along the damp course and then the old insulation being removed using an industrial vacuum machine with compressed air which brings the defective material to the bottom.

All waste will be removed from the property by Vac-Xtract.

Loft Insulation Extraction

Sometimes, Dependant on the type of material, Loft Insulation can deteriorate.   Once broken down or wet due to moisture from condensation or even from water penetration from tile or felt failure, the insulation will struggle to maintain heat loss as good as it once did.   

If you are concerned that your loft insulation may be defected in anyway, Vac-Xtract can provide you with a free survey / inspection offering you advice on how to improve your current loft Insulation.  

Spray Foam Removal

Do you have spray foam in your loft ?

Most Lenders, will not lend money against a property with Spray Foam in situ in the loft space.   This is because it can lead to damage to the timbers supporting the roof structure.  Any damage that may occur, is unseen due to the covering of the Spray Foam.   There is also concern that the timbers ability to breath is reduced, which lends itself to process of becoming damaged.  

If you are concerned about your loft, please get in touch and one of our experts will be on hand to offer any advice.

We will even carry out a free survey / inspection. 


Cavity Insulation Fill

Although we extract defective insulation, or insulation that is causing damp problems, we can offer advice on installing the correct insulation and if it is right for your property. Many of our residential customers want the benefits of having insulation installed because of bringing the cost down on their utility bills and also to make their homes feel warmer, but are concerned about the disadvantages that it can bring. Please call us on 01489 570070 for further details or use our Contact Form on the Contact Us Page so we can help you further.

Vac-Xtract also provide the installation of new-build insulation and can offer competitive quotes on this to Council's, Housing Associations and Building developers.

Whatever your enquiry, we are here to help. With over 20 years experience we know what to avoid when installing cavity wall insulation and the best products to use. 


Loft Top up / Relay

If your loft insulation requires additional material to be installed or its been Extracted, we can offer a service to bring the loft insulation back up to specifications.    Maximum depth for loft insulation is 300mm but that doesn't necessarily mean that that is what your loft needs.   We take in account the size of the loft area and the condition of the air supply keeping your loft dry.    If you have got any questions, please get in touch 


Other Services

Rubble Clearance

A Rubble Clearance is the procedure whereby debris and any other obstructions is cleared from a cavity. Such obstructions are found in a surprising number of dwellings and regularly cause issues within the home, such as creating cold spots and damp problems.

Most houses are constructed with cavity walls, held together by wall ties. The building method is intended to ensure that all external influences that may pass into the cavity simply drain away to the footings and hence away from the property, therefore there is no ingress to the inner wall.

For this to work effectually, the cavity must remain completely clear of debris and obstructions, as such impediments can lead to a conduit being formed in the air space between the two widths of masonry, resulting in moisture being conveyed to inner walls rather than draining as intended. Such moisture permeation can cause a range of problems in the home, such as damp and mould issues.

Here at Vac-Xtract we offer a competitive rate to remove obstructions from your cavity and we will dispose of any waste collected during the work we are undertaking.


Weather Sealing 

When your external walls are exposed to a water source such as rain, this water can enter your masonry, in some cases travelling laterally from your external walls to your internal walls. It may be that cracks in your bricks or pointing are letting the water in, or your prevailing weather conditions may just mean that your walls stay damp without getting the opportunity to dry out.

Any cracks in your pointing and brickwork can cause a difference in the water absorbency of different areas of your walls – some areas will absorb more water than others. This can form damp patches in what is known as penetrating dampness. Alternatively, it can be that some areas of your wall are more exposed or more susceptible to letting water in, despite being sound, and this can also cause damp patches to form, or a large, uniformly damp area. This can spread to your internal walls too, resulting in patches of damp on your internal walls.

At Vac-xtract, we recommend using a brick waterproof that allows your brickwork to breathe, as without this the damp already in your walls can't evaporate and allow your wall to dry out. Therefore many customers like to use this service as well as an extraction or solely on its own.

Please call us for further information on Weather Sealing and re-pointing


         Complete Extraction / Insulation Solution

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